For my first trip upon arriving to study abroad at Lancaster University, I travelled to the nearby Lake District.  This was one of my first experiences riding the famous double decker buses, which are quite commonplace in the United Kingdom.  It was also my first time experiencing the highway system in England and I must say I admire the bus drivers so much since they need to navigate a double-decker manual monster through incredibly curvy streets.  I have decided I would never be able to drive over here since if the driving on the left side of the street is not enough to throw me off, but their circle circles (here called round abouts) are present at every exit.  On the topic of vehicles, I did not go on a boat trip on the lake, but instead walked around the green fields.  This was back when the weather was cold but actually featured blue skies, something I sorely miss now in November.  Being in the English air, yet surrounded by a landscape so similar to the one I had left in the US was exhilarating.  That was the first time since my arrival some days earlier that I felt truly giddy to be in England.  I am still pleased that I was in the same villages that the Romantic writers lived in and even saw the tiny house where William Wordsworth wrote his poetry.  The Lake District would only be the beginning of my encounters with sites of historical and literary importance.