British Style Pub Quiz Time! Wednesday, Feb 24 2010 

Try your luck at a British style pub quiz.  Answers are posted below.

1)     What is ‘chin wagging’?

2)     When would you ask ‘are you alright’?

3)     Who is the new Dr. Who?

4)     What British TV show is Simon Cowell bringing to the US next?

5)     Name the items in a full English breakfast:

6)     Name the capitals of England, Scotland, and Ireland:

7)     Give the British term for hooking up:

8)     Name all six Jane Austen novels:

9)     Who is the current Prime Minister?

10)   How many years does it take to earn a degree at uni?

11)   Queen Elizabeth II is from what royal family?

12)    Where are the English and Scottish crown jewels stored?

13)    Modes of transportation there not as predominate in the US?

14)    The national sport of the UK:

15)    What sport do the girls play most often?

16)    Brits drive ___ type of cars on the ___ side of the road.

17)   Currently $1 equals how many British pounds?

18)    A resume is called a ___ and is different since it asks for ___.

19)   What is the British national anthem?

20)   Which two Brits are on their paper currency?

21)    What do they say instead of ‘expired’?

22)    What is the term for bathroom?

23)    When a bobby yells at you, who is he?

24)    Which is cheaper in the UK, Indian or Chinese cuisine?

25)     What is black pudding?

26)     Where would one find a lorrie?

27)     What condiment is in every sandwich?

28)     What are some unusual ingredients found in jacket potatoes?

29)     Which museum in London holds the Rosetta Stone?

30)     What did the Romans believe caused the hot springs in Bath?

31)     What do Brits mean when they are ‘pissed’?

32)     A statue of which monarch is located in nearly every English city:

33)    In what club and on what street were the Beatles discovered by Brian Epstein?

34)    Manchester is the home of what first in England?

35)    At what uni did I attend?

Quiz Answers:

1)  to have a gossip or a chat

2) as a greeting to mean “how are you doing?”

3) Matt Smith

4) The X-Factor

5) eggs, sausage, bacon, hash browns, toast, beans in tomato sauce, mushrooms, tomato, black pudding, and coffee or tea

6) London, Edinburgh, and Dublin, respectively

7) to pull

8) Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility, Emma, Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey, Persuasion

9) Gordon Brown

10) three

11) Windsor

12) Tower of London and Edinburgh Castle

13) national trains and double decker buses

14) football

15) netball (similar to basketball but played in skirts and with more limited movement)

16) they drive manual cars with the driver’s side on the right as they drive on the left side of the road

17) $1 currently equals 0.65 GBP or 65 pence

18) CV and asks for applicants to list their personal interests like drawing or cricket

19) there is no official national anthem but “God Save the Queen” is played at most functions

20) Queen Elizabeth II and Charles Darwin (I was told by them that the Brits value evolution more than God)

21) gone off

22) the loo

23) a policeman

24) Indian cuisine because all Chinese food is sold separately so a chicken dish is 4 pounds then rice is an additional 2 pounds

25) blood sausage, which is actually delicious

26) on the road going down a round about or sitting in a car park since it is a big truck

27) mayonnaise

28) beans in tomato sauce, cheese, tuna, and several other variations

29) The British Museum

30) the goddess Minerva

31) they are well drunk

32) Queen Victoria

33) the Cavern Club on Matthews Street

34) the first railroad warehouse

35) Lancaster University


Meet the Beatles While in Liverpool Wednesday, Jan 20 2010 

Liverpool is a wonderful, revitalized city.  Because it was chosen as the European Union’s Capital of Culture in 2008, when we were there in the Fall of 2009 we witnessed new infrastructure and brightly lit shopping arcades with glass staircases.  Beautiful sites to see included the Liverpool Cathedral and the Metropolitan Cathedral.  The Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, built between 1903 and 1978 and one of the largest churches in England, is very traditional with its stained glass alcoves and gilt carvings but it is also holds neon signs advertising its coffee on the walls.  The Metropolitan Cathedral is known for is glass-funnel shape that is one of the most unique designs for a church.

The modern developments in Liverpool have brought tourism back to a city that used to be the gateway to the sea, which fell on hard times after the bombings during World War II and the end of the Industrial Revolution.  Even with its new construction projects, there are still startling reminders of the past with bombed out churches and barbed wire walls present in the outskirts of the city.  A reminder of Liverpool’s importance in history is demonstrated at the historic Albert Dock where the stone streets and brick buildings house  the Merseyside Maritime Museum.  The International Slavery Museum is housed on the top floor with the rest of the museum detailing Liverpool’s maritime history through the age of the Cunard (Queen Elizabeth II) and White Star (Titanic) cruise lines to the wars and up to the age of smuggling.

Albert Dock is also the home of the Tate Modern and one of the most popular reasons to visit Liverpool, the Beatles Story.  This museum features an amazing audio tour with sound clips from the Fab Four and the people who helped them become the most famous band in the world.  Their photos and artifacts detail the band’s history from their start at the Casbah club through all the albums and their independent careers post-Beatles.  Not too far away is the rebuilt Cavern Club on the famous Matthews Street, with A Hard Day’s Night Hotel next door, completing the Liverpool tour for any Beatle-maniac.