It really is true as one of my friends remarked, Stonehenge really is just a pile of rocks, however it still is a remarkable place to visit if you can.  The best way to see Stonehenge is to get a bus tour from nearby Salisbury since there really are no cities directly next to the monument.  This mammoth structure is a testament to humanity’s physical and mental strength.  The educational audio tour told how 5000 years ago the center blue stones were laid on the ground and that centuries later the 18-foot standing stones followed.  Historians believed they came from Ireland by boat on the canal with no clear answer for why, although some myths attributed it being built by the devil or King Arthur’s Merlin.  When Stonehenge was first opened as a historic site visitors were allowed to bring chisels in order to extract souvenirs.  Now in order to protect its historical value, a short fence surrounds the monument ensuring visitors do not touch the stones.