Edinburgh is a wonderful city on a hill.  Edinburgh Castle is situated on a volcanic mountain as a means to view and protect the stone street city, as further means of protection from enemies, English or otherwise, the castle is still armed with cannons and iron gates.  While it used to be the home of Mary Queen of Scots, today the castle is the home to the Scottish crown jewels, which were hidden by peasants when the castle was seized, along with the Stone of Scone, which is placed under the coronation throne when a new monarch of England is crowned.  From the castle’s height you can see the whole city and the lochs and hills beyond it.

Edinburgh is made up of the Old Town where most of the city used to reside and contains the Royal Mile where you can take historic ghost tours along with the New Town where the modern shopping and industry are located.  In Old Town there is the philanphropy-minded Elephant House that was once frequented by J.K. Rowling along with the Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre with the world’s largest collection of Scotch Whisky.  The New Town also is home to the Scott Monument, honoring author Sir Walter Scott, and the National Gallery of Scotland, which has huge canvases painted by famous Scotts and other European artists like Rembrandt, Degas, and Van Gogh.